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Yaesu FT-891 HF/50MHz All Mode Mobile Transceiver

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External Antenna Tuner #

I currently use the Mat-Tunner mAT-30 antenna tuner with my FT-891. The mAT-30 automatic antenna tuner is engineered to integrate with Yaesu transceivers. The mAT-30 connects tunner port on the back of the radio, and is operated by the front panel of the radio through the included interface cable. 12 VDC power for the tuner is supplied by the radio via this transceiver connection cable. The mAT-30 provides automatic antenna tuning across the entire HF spectrum plus 6 meters at power levels up to 120 watts (100 watts max above 50 MHz). It will tune dipoles, verticals, Yagis, a long wire or virtually any other coax-fed antenna. Impedance matching range of 5 to 1500 ohms far exceeds the capability of the transceiver internal automatic antenna tuner.

Specifications of the mAT-30 Automatic Antenna Tuner for select Yaesu Transceivers: Frequency coverage: 1.8-54 MHz continuousRF power handling: 0.1 to 120 watts SSB and CW, 30 watts max continuous duty key down digital modes on HF. Max 100 watts 50 MHz and above.Memories: 16,000 frequencies and settingImpedance range: 5 to 1500 ohms matchingTuning time: 0.1 to 5 seconds for full tuning cycle, 0.1 second to return to previous memory setting.