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Morse Code and CW

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Measuring Callsign Weight #

The “weight” of a callsign can be expressed as the time required to send a callsign using conventional spacing. Each “dot” represents one unit of time and each “dash” represents three units of time. A space between characters is also considered three units of time. To calculate the weight of a callsign, you would count the number of dots and dashes in each character along with each space between characters and multiple them by their respective time units and sum the results. An additional space is included at the end of the callsign in this calculation as well. This can be expressed in the following formula.

Callsign Weight = ((dot * 1) + (dash * 3) + ((space +1) 3))*

Callsign Weight Examples #

CallsignCharacter BreakdownWeight
KI4OVI-.- .. …- — …- ..64
KE7ZEA-.- . –… –.. . .-58
KJ7NZL-.- .— –… -. –.. .-..78
AE7II.- . –… .. ..40

Examples are of callsigns I’ve held at one time.

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